About Us

Why does HUMI Naturals exist?


For years and years I used the most known brands of skincare in an effort to prevent ageing and keep my sensitive skin looking youthful. 

With time I became more and more aware of all the chemicals in skincare products and I wanted to go the natural way. And that started a decade of experimenting and buying products that just didn't work and irritated my skin.

Frustrated, I stated to do my own research and when I found something that worked, I had to share it.

  • I care about what products I put on my skin,
  • I care to use the best, more luxurious ingredients without trying to keep it cheap,
  • I care how the products are made,
  • I care that the products are ethical and sustainably sourced and that they support fair labor conditions to promote economic self sufficiency,
  • I care what effect my products have on mother earth.

And if you care about these things too then I welcome you to try our products.